Single Application, pH Neutral, Near and Deep Sub-Surface Penetration with Permanent Bond.

Dusting concrete is a direct result of densifier failure or absence during or after construction. It leaves a surface that is unhealthy from both a concrete surface and maintenance/upkeep perspective. Traffic produces abrasion and wear that break down the weakened surface. Surface weakness can be a result of poor practice at construction, installation of a water soluble densifier, surface contamination, improper concrete cleaning treatment and/or other factors. Eliminate dusting and improve abrasion resistance by densifying the surface using DryShield. DryShield will require minimal downtime thanks to the industry-leading single application installation, it does not require a scrub-in, scrub-out, repetition. The formulation is free of sodium and is insoluble, it will not contribute to ASR or wash out. The resultant surface will be harder, denser and less porous with maximum abrasion resistance. Install indoors or outdoors with confidence using environmentally friendly treatment options free of VOC’s and requiring no hazardous material disposal.

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