Concrete  Leveling

How much concrete will be removed to produce a level aisle?

The amount of material removed and the depth of grind is unique to each floor.  Areas out of tolerance may vary from 1/16” to extremes like 1/4-3/8”.  We are aware of the need for smooth transitions from treated to untreated areas and will take steps to maintain a smooth working surface for future forklift and pedestrian traffic.

Why make the effort to level concrete ?

Uneven aisles reduce forklift control and accuracy, knocking product off shelves and creating inventory control and product loss/shrinkage issues. Flat and level pick lanes greatly improve inventory control quality and reduce loss percentage.

Concrete  Patching

How long until the repair can be opened to traffic?

Repairs competed with our flagship repair product – PCR Permanent Concrete Repair can be reopened to wheel traffic at just 120 minutes, 2 hours!


What is the difference between concrete dusting and dirt build up ? how can I tell the difference?

Concrete dusting is a direct result of the surface losing consolidation. Unlike dust which is easily cleaned and generally will not reappear in the same location, concrete that is dusting will consistently have a dusty, more porous surface. The porous surface will continue to break down unless remedied by densifier application.

Concrete Polishing

What is the difference between wet and dry grinding?

Profiling, honing and polishing wet produces a higher quality result that is quantifiable, measurable by Ra – roughness average. A wet cut is also more sustainable, it will last longer than a dry polish and during the process enables the indoor air quality to be maintained as there will be zero airborne silica.

Does the System make a difference?

Absolutely! From equipment and abrasives to treatments applied, each step impacts the overall success and durability of your polished concrete floor. Using a pH neutral densifier, adding a chloride screen, protecting with a sub-surface micro guard, these choices are not about initial cost but are about protecting your investment and producing a quality product thru process, that is repeatable and suitable for any environment no matter where your facilities are located around the world.